PASTOR STEVEN KOKO has served as an international evangelist and minister of the Gospel for the past 12 years. He currently serves as Missions Pastor of Storehouse Church in Chicago, as well as on the Board of Directors of several Christian organizations in South America and the U.S. Through traveling the globe and sharing the Truth of Jesus in stadiums, concerts, and street crusades, God has allowed Pastor Koko to rekindle the flame of Evangelism in churches and ministries, predominantly in Latin America. Pastor Koko's heartbeat is to reach the lost for Jesus and challenge believers to respond to the calling of Evangelism. The Mission is to reach win one million souls by 2016 through, television, the educational system, crusades and street evangelism. With your prayers and support we can reach our goal. Please considering partinering with us. We are looking for 50 bold believers to give $1000 a year and help prepare the churches for a one million soul harvest.


THE BOXING STORY: Pastor Steve began one of his ministry campaigns in Venezuela by visiting a men's prison. The prison authorities allowed Pastor Steve a time slot to speak to the inmates about Jesus and the Gospel of Christ. Steve spoke for about 20 minutes and none of the men were interested in what he had to say. Steve then offered to have a boxing match any inmate, with hopes of getting their attention. One of the toughest inmates said ok and they put on the gloves and went at it. The inmate was winning, but Steve kept getting up though he was wearing him down. The inmates were now in a completely different atmosphere and the boxer finally asked Pastor Steve why he keeps getting up. Steve said, "I want you to know about the One who never gives up on us." Steve began to share the message of Christ to the inmates and they started to receive Christ one after another. The entire group ended up receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pastor Steve then asked them to go back to their cells and bring out all their pornographic materials and they agreed to burned it all in the center of the room. The word of this event began to spread throughout Venezuela and many doors opened as a result.